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  • Key figures of the Forum 2017:
  • Speakers 60+
  • More than 1000 delegates
  • Exhibitors / Sponsors 70+
March 14-15 , 2018. Russia, Moscow, Exhibition and Convention centre "Sokolniki"
Forum 2017 program
  • Retail 2018: business in modern realities. New leadership strategies. Successful cases. As top managers and strategists see that
  • Offline retail chains: battle for traffic
  • E-commerce: how to survive under modern conditions. Business models, technologies, barriers
  • State regulation and self-regulation in retail: interaction of retail chains and suppliers
  • Cross-border and domestic e-commerce in russia: fair competition problems and state regulation
  • Acquiring services today
  • SMЕ. Super expectations, Super popularity and Super indifference.
  • Technologies and retail. Investments in IT as today’s requirement
  • Blockchain in retail: real-world applications
  • Retail and IoT: new opportunities or a tribute to fashion?
  • Artificial intelligence: why the retail sector needs a digital mind?
  • Loyalty and marketing in modern retail: revision of values
  • Banks and retail: new formats of interaction. Retail chain as cross-sell channel for banking products
  • Place on shelf: factoring as supplier’s chance
  • Management of supply chains, fulfilment and logistics. Fundamentals of success
  • Self checkout, vending and other self-service systems: news, cases, concepts
  • Law 54-fz: new wave
  • Integrated security of retail object: from warehouse to counter
  • Cash-collection and self-collection, optimization of cash circulation cycle: looking up to leaders