• Key figures of the Forum:
  • Speakers 60+
  • More than 1500 delegates
  • Exhibitors / Sponsors 70+
April 22-23, 2020. Russia, Moscow, Exhibition and Convention centre "Sokolniki"

Alla Bakina

Head of National Payment System Department, Central Bank of Russia

Vladimir Komlev

Board Chairman, General Director, NSPK

Daniil Egorov

Deputy Head, Federal Tax Service of Russia

Andrey Tarusov

Chief Executive Officer, Mastercard

Anton Shigapov

Business Leader, Product Sales Expert, Contactless & Transit, MasterCard Europe Sprl. Representative office in Russia

Jemal Agrba

Head of Commercial products and sales development dpt., Mastercard in Russia

Arnaud Denis

First Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rosbank

Igor Goldovsky

Member of the Management Board, Director of Innovation Department / Chief Architect, NSPK

Roman Kolosov

Deputy Chief Administration, Nizhniy Novgorod

Jeremy King

International Director – Europe, PCI Security Standards Council

Victor Dostov

Victor Dostov, Chairman, Association of eMoney and Remittance Market Participants (AED); Chief Research Officer, Saint Petersburg University

Maria Guseva

Accenture Financial Services - Management Consulting, Accenture

Denis Sotin

Member of Management Board-CIO, Rosbank

Igor Ramazanov

Head of «Open API» dpt., Russia’s FinTech Association

Tatyana Zharkova

Executive Director at Russia’s FinTech Association

Dmitry Kolesnikov

Head of Innovations Management dpt., NSPK

Konstantin Knapnugel

Councilor of Mayor, Krasnoyarsk

Maria Krasenkova

Head of Department for National Payment System Development and Regulation, Bank of Russia

Inna Emelyanova

Director of Acquiring Department, Russian Standard Bank

Sergey Sheykhetov

PhD, Head of Qualitative, East Africa, Insights, Kantar

Elliot Goikhman

Founder, LikeBank

Valeriy Babushkin

Data analysis and modelling Director, X5 Retail Group

Vladimir Kanin

General Director, Founer, Pay-Me

Kristina Skuratovskaya

Head of marketing, Alipay Russia

Natalia Bazalei

Deputy Director non credit products and remote channels, TransKapitalBank

Illarion Yalovenko

Director, Financial Services Development dpt., Tele2

Evgeniy Ievlev

Financial services Director, MegaLabs (Megafon)

Viktor Ivanov

Professor, Higher School of Economics

Pavel Vedernikov

CEO, I-Network

Andrey Pinchuk

Executive Director, Head of Analytical Expertise at Cyber Сrime Control Department, Sberbank of Russia

Alexey Ipatov

Head of fraud monitoring department, VTB bank

Evgeniy Vinokurov

Head of Remote monitoring dpt, Central Bank of Russia

Alexey Kurzyakov

Head of Remote Banking Service Development dpt., MKB

Evgeniy Zhilov

Head of Calcilation Business, Transactional business dpt. Alfa-Bank

Alexander Korolev

Head of Internet-Bank development dpt., Promsvyazbank

Pavel Chebotarev

Head of Initiatives development dpt. in financial technologies, Sovkombank

Oleg Afanasyev

Financial Products Manager, Ozon

Lilija Vladykina

Analyst at Euromonitor International

Mariya Skalkina

Founder of trendwatching company THI

Anna Mikhina

Head of Mobile applications development dpt., Tinkoff Bank

Alexander Pesenko

Head of Methodology and Development, Operational Department, Alfa-Bank

Yaroslav Shuvaev

Head of Advanced products development, AK Bars

Valery Rykhlov

Engineer of pre-sale support, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention global market; development of online fraud prevention solutions, Kaspersky Lab

Alexander Vurasko

Leading Analyst, InfoSecurity

Evgeniy Pyankovskiy

Independent Expert

Alexey Korneev

Business development dpt.,

Alan Zhang

Software engineer, Shenzhen ViewAt Technology Co

Andrey Fomin

Head of quality assurance, Web Shield company

Zaur Besolov

Head of Payment Solutions Development, Evotor (manufacturer of online cash registers and cloud solutions)

Alexander Agakov

Director of payment services, QIWI

Alexandre Pi

Chairman of the Board at MUXI

Pavel Esakov

Authentication Systems Expert, Potential company

Dmitriy Panov

Project Co-founder, Pay2me

Aleksander Pisemsky

Managing Partner PRYTEK, Russia and CIS

Golubcov Pavel

Alexey Kudachkin

Product Director, IT innovations dpt, Gazprombank

Arseniy Nazarkin

Co-Founder and General Director, KVINT company

Irina Sokol


Elman Mekhtiev

SRO NAPCA / President, SRO MiR / Board Chairman

Andrey Vilegzhanin

General Director, Russian and CIS, Profit Insight

Nikolai Dosh

Chief Risk Officer, Mastercard Member's Association

Rikardo Rey Patino

Head of remittances and additional products, MTS

Vadim Yudin

General Director, GUARCCESS

Valeriy Rykhlov

is a global pre-sale manager of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention team.

Alexander Pesenko

Head of Department Operations Department, «Alfa-Bank»

Alexey Shumilin

General Director, UNICA CREDIT, co-founder of projects:,,

Participants of the forum
The Forum will be attended by representatives of the following structures:
        • This is the largest event in the financial sphere in the CIS and globally because of a number of its participants (more than 1500 people) and their composition. Among them there are representatives of the banking sector, payment service providers, communications and transportation operators, market regulators and government bodies, leading the CIS and international experts in online and offline retail, representatives of the airlines, gas stations, tour operators, etc.

          • Exceptionally interesting program The best programme dedicated to analysis of the current condition and development horizon of the banking and payment services industry in Russia and globally. The best composition of speakers of local, regional and international level who represent the industry in the most complete way.
          • The most representative audience The audience of top level: more than thousand key participants are – representatives of Russian and CIS banks as well as market regulators, payment systems, mobile and transportation systems, investors, analysts, mass media and many others.
          • Unique experience and innovations Exceptionally interesting, up-to-date and captivating experience to be represented at the conference and large-scale exhibition of technologies and innovations.

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