• Key figures of the Forum:
  • Speakers 60+
  • More than 1500 delegates
  • Exhibitors / Sponsors 70+
April 22-23, 2020. Russia, Moscow, Exhibition and Convention centre "Sokolniki"
  • Alla Bakina
    Head of National Payment System Department, Central Bank of Russia
  • Vladimir Komlev
    Board Chairman, General Director, NSPK
  • Daniil Egorov
    Deputy Head, Federal Tax Service of Russia
  • Andrey Tarusov
    Chief Executive Officer, Mastercard
  • Anton Shigapov
    Business Leader, Product Sales Expert, Contactless & Transit, MasterCard Europe Sprl. Representative office in Russia
    Anton Shigapov is an emerging payment technologies expert and one of Russian MasterCard team’s leading executives.
    Mr. Shigapov graduated from the State University of Management with a degree in International Fuel and Energy Complex. From 2002 to 2008, he worked at large financial and banking organizations, being in charge of corporate sales, business development, development and launches of new products and services. Since July 2008, Andrey is a part of MasterCard team, responsible for development and implementation of innovations in Russia and a number of Eastern European countries. Specifically, Mr. Shigapov handles projects of MasterCard Contactless payments technology implementation in banks, merchants and public transit systems.
  • Jemal Agrba
    Head of Commercial products and sales development dpt., Mastercard in Russia
    Djemal joined Mastercard team in 2015. Now he oversees the sales of commercial products and solutions: corporate and business cards, Mastercard Business Bonus loyalty program for SMEs, new business services. Prior to this, he was responsible for the development of social projects and non-financial services.
    Djemal has extensive experience in banking – he supervised the interactions with payment systems and affiliated organizations in tech, marketing and business development areas. While working in one of the banks, he improved a variety of business processes that led to increased numbers of banking cards, enhanced efficiency of operations, portfolio and business efficiency growth.
    Mr. Agrba is a Candidate of Economic Sciences.
    Graduated from the Faculty of Finance and Credit of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • Arnaud Denis
    First Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rosbank
  • Igor Goldovsky
    Member of the Management Board, Director of Innovation Department / Chief Architect, NSPK
  • Roman Kolosov
    Deputy Chief Administration, Nizhniy Novgorod
  • Jeremy King
    International Director – Europe, PCI Security Standards Council
    • Jeremy King leads the Council’s efforts in increasing adoption and awareness of the PCI security standards internationally. In this role, Mr. King works closely with the Council and representatives of its policy-setting executive committee from American Express, Discover, JCB International, MasterCard, and Visa, Inc. His chief responsibilities include gathering feedback from the merchant and vendor community, coordinating research and analysis of PCI SSC managed standards through European markets, driving education efforts and Council membership recruitment through active involvement in local and regional events, industry conferences, and meetings with key stakeholders. He also serves as a resource for Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs), Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs), Internal Security Assessors (ISAs), PCI Forensic Investigators (PFIs), and related staff in supporting regional training, certification, and testing programs.
  • Victor Dostov
    Victor Dostov, Chairman, Association of eMoney and Remittance Market Participants (AED); Chief Research Officer, Saint Petersburg University
    • Dr. Viktor Dostov is a President of the Russian Electronic Money and Remittance Association (REMA), the industrial body representing major e-payments and fund transfer companies in Russia. As one of the leading experts in Russian retail payments sector, Dr. Dostov is heading REMA since its inception.
    • Since 2018 Viktor is an academic director for the National Competences Center for Distributed Ledgers, he conducted seminars on distributed ledger technologies for regulators in a number of jurisdictions, including Russia, Belarus and few others.
    • Dr. Dostov participates in the workings of core national consultative and expert bodies on retail finance, including under the aegis of the Russian Central Bank, Monitoring Service of the Russian Federation (Rosfinmonitoring), Russian Parliament, the Ministry of Finance, CGAP, FATF, Eurasian Group on AML/CFT, AFI.
    • Victor is a regular speaker at international conferences on electronic money, retail payments and financial inclusion, the author of analytical publications on regulation, management and future of payment industry. He teaches at the International Banking Institute (Saint-Petersburg).
  • Maria Guseva
    Accenture Financial Services - Management Consulting, Accenture
    • Having joined Accenture in 2002, Maria has an extensive consulting experience with Banking and Capital markets clients starting from strategy and operating architectures to business transformation. Maria is focused on digital and business transformation advisory for Financial services industry clients, delivering consulting projects in leadership or key expert roles.
    • In addition Maria is leading go-to-market initiatives on digital innovation and fintech for Financial services practice of Accenture.
    • Before joining Accenture Maria had experience as product lead in implementation of front & middle-office systems for a major Russian bank, and in IT roles in Nestle and P&G.
    • Maria earned a degree (summa cum laude) in Applied mathematics and Computer science from Moscow State University..
  • Denis Sotin
    Member of Management Board-CIO, Rosbank
  • Igor Ramazanov
    Head of «Open API» dpt., Russia’s FinTech Association
  • Tatyana Zharkova
    Executive Director at Russia’s FinTech Association
    • Tatyana Zharkova works as Executive Director at Russia’s FinTech Association.
    • Founded jointly by the Bank of Russia (financial mega regulator) and the country’s leading financial institutions, AFT is mandated with developing Russia’s fintech industry and enabling the country’s transformation to a digital economy.
    • Prior to joining AFT, Tatyana held several top managerial positions in Russia’s commercial banks.
    • She previously served as Chair of the Board at Volksvagen Bank RUS and Senior VP, Transformations at GLOBEKS. Since 2016, Tatyana has been Deputy Chair of the Board at AK BARS Bank, listed among Russia’s Top-20 commercial banks.
    • Coming from a strong background in retail banking and financial product development, Tatyana leads AFT’s work on digital transformation in finance. This includes Blockchain Technology, Fast Payments, Digital Identity, Open API, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
    • Since May 2018, Tatyana also chairs Russia’s Financial Innovations Expert Council.
    • She is the author of a number of publications and has commented widely on key policy developments and current trends shaping up the financial industry in Russia and globally.
    • Tatyana holds a Ph.D. in economics and has qualified as Independent Director from the Higher School of Public Administration, Moscow Lomonosov State University (MGU).
  • Dmitry Kolesnikov
    Head of Innovations Management dpt., NSPK
  • Konstantin Knapnugel
    Councilor of Mayor, Krasnoyarsk
  • Maria Krasenkova
    Head of Department for National Payment System Development and Regulation, Bank of Russia
  • Inna Emelyanova
    Director of Acquiring Department, Russian Standard Bank
  • Sergey Sheykhetov
    PhD, Head of Qualitative, East Africa, Insights, Kantar
    • Sergey works as the Head of Qualitative Practice at Kantar Insight Sub-Saharan Africa and based in Nairobi.
    • He has over 15 years’ experience working on designing and implementing advanced research across different geographies, most notably in East and Central Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
    • He has been managing the research teams of 10-20 researchers in Russia, UAE and Sub-Saharan Africa.
    • Sergey has more than 20 publications in various academic and market research journals. He is a regular speaker at various industry and client events.
    • Sergey holds a PHD in History from University of California.
  • Elliot Goikhman
    Founder, LikeBank
  • Valeriy Babushkin
    Data analysis and modelling Director, X5 Retail Group
  • Vladimir Kanin
    General Director, Founer, Pay-Me
  • Kristina Skuratovskaya
    Head of marketing, Alipay Russia
  • Natalia Bazalei
    Deputy Director non credit products and remote channels, TransKapitalBank
  • Illarion Yalovenko
    Director, Financial Services Development dpt., Tele2
  • Evgeniy Ievlev
    Financial services Director, MegaLabs (Megafon)
  • Viktor Ivanov
    Professor, Higher School of Economics
  • Pavel Vedernikov
    CEO, I-Network
  • Andrey Pinchuk
    Executive Director, Head of Analytical Expertise at Cyber Сrime Control Department, Sberbank of Russia
  • Alexey Ipatov
    Head of fraud monitoring department, VTB bank
  • Evgeniy Vinokurov
    Head of Remote monitoring dpt, Central Bank of Russia
    Responsible for the development of measures to counter fraud in credit and financial sphere in the Central Bank of Russia since mid-2017. Before that, worked for 9 years on anti-fraud tasks and his own projects in security and retail business units in large credit institutions such as Sberbank, UniCridet Bank, and BinBank.
  • Alexey Kurzyakov
    Head of Remote Banking Service Development dpt., MKB
  • Evgeniy Zhilov
    Head of Calcilation Business, Transactional business dpt. Alfa-Bank
  • Alexander Korolev
    Head of Internet-Bank development dpt., Promsvyazbank
  • Pavel Chebotarev
    Head of Initiatives development dpt. in financial technologies, Sovkombank
  • Oleg Afanasyev
    Financial Products Manager, Ozon
  • Lilija Vladykina
    Analyst at Euromonitor International
    • Lilija Vladykina is a research analyst working in the services and payments cluster at Euromonitor International. In current role she is responsible for providing strategic analysis , monitoring key trends and developments, and managing the research process for Services and Payments industries in the number of Eastern European and Western European countries. She has acquired a bachelor’s and a master’s Degree in economics from Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics.
  • Mariya Skalkina
    Founder of trendwatching company THI
  • Anna Mikhina
    Head of Mobile applications development dpt., Tinkoff Bank
  • Alexander Pesenko
    Head of Methodology and Development, Operational Department, Alfa-Bank
    «ALFA-BANK» (March 2017 – Now)
    Head of department, Department of methodology and development
    • Management of the team in the Directorate of credit and transaction business (Operational Unit), implementing the introduction of new technologies, automation, robotics and the optimization of the processes of the Directorate;
    • Management of the Directorate's project portfolio: RPA – robotization of the Directorate's processes; automation payments exchange control; automation of processes for issuing tranches under credit lines; Introduction of automatic recognition and pre-filling technologies documents are based on products from ABBYY (OCR); the introduction of the voice of the robot on the exchange processes controls and others;
    • Managing initiatives to streamline and redesign existing processes, and backlog of improvements of various core systems of the Directorate;
    • Core KPI: achievement of the Directorate's target efficiency (target - 20% in 2018 with more than 300 employees), reduction of operational risks and implementation of quality indicator;
    • Managing IT teams using Scrum/Kanban methodologies.
    ➢ At the end of 2018, the Directorate's efficiency increased by more than 20% (20.9%) due to successful implementation of the project portfolio;
    ➢ In 2018, under my leadership, a multi-functional team capable of implement automation tasks of different levels of complexity.
  • Yaroslav Shuvaev
    Head of Advanced products development, AK Bars
  • Valery Rykhlov
    Engineer of pre-sale support, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention global market; development of online fraud prevention solutions, Kaspersky Lab
    Valeriy Rykhlov is a global pre-sale manager of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention team. Valeriy has 20 years of experience in the IT and consulting industry with a specialized focus on financial institutions. Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, he worked as Senior Consultant in Microsoft Consulting Services for more than decade focusing on IT infrastructure and online services.
  • Alexander Vurasko
    Leading Analyst, InfoSecurity
  • Evgeniy Pyankovskiy
    Independent Expert
  • Alexey Korneev
    Business development dpt.,
  • Alan Zhang
    Software engineer, Shenzhen ViewAt Technology Co
    At a young age, Alan Zhang traveled to the United States to pursue a Game Design degree. After the first year, he was accepted by Digipen Institute of Technology, a school famed in the state for its partnership with Nintendo and its competitive game design and computer science program. After a few years of honing his skills for a several years in the United States, Alan headed back to China for a year of gap year. During that time, he trained as an intern at Shenzhen ViewAt Technology, where he learned more in depth about payment industry and software development for POS terminal. Alan’s interests however were not fixed software programming only, he enrolled in a pilot-training program in British Columbia soon after, to begin another four year of overseas experience. With such rich overseas experience, Alan is quite confident in his ability to communicate in English. When Shenzhen ViewAt is looking to globalize its business further, his language skill will come in handy.
    Despite being a newcomer in the payment industry, Alan’s observation skill and adaptability were proved advantageous. Being a consumer and a developer at the same time enables Alan and his team to have a more comprehensive approach on some subjects, especially user experience and interface design.
  • Andrey Fomin
    Head of quality assurance, Web Shield company
    • In 2011 he graduated with “Master of Social Sciences in Economics” degree from the Transport and Telecommunications Institute in Riga. Gained considerable professional experience in project management.
    • In acquiring since 2015. He was Deputy head of the payment card fraud prevention department. Ensured proper client and partner companies’ due diligence, as well as maintained the overall level of card scheme compliance of the European acquiring bank. He was involved in the development of internal procedures and standards, as well as the employee training concerning security and fraud prevention in the field of e-commerce.
    • At the moment he is the Head of quality assurance in the German company Web Shield - a leader in providing automated online merchant underwriting and monitoring solutions for Acquirers, PFs, PSPs, ISOs and other payment industry organizations.
  • Zaur Besolov
    Head of Payment Solutions Development, Evotor (manufacturer of online cash registers and cloud solutions)
  • Alexander Agakov
    Director of payment services, QIWI
    • Alexander joined the CJSC "OSMP" in 2007 as Vice President for management and development in Russia and CIS. With the creation of QIWI in 2008, he moved to the position of Vice President of sales, which he held until 2011. In 2011-2013, Alexander was the general director of OSMP, as well as a member of the board of directors of the QIWI Group and head of the company's B2B business. In 2013, Alexander became CEO of QIWI and held this position until the transition to the payment service company «RURU» in 2016. In 2017, Alexander returned to QIWI as a director of payment services.
    • Alexander began his sales career in 1996, before joining QIWI, working in a variety of Russian and international companies, including MARS, where he was responsible for regional sales.
  • Alexandre Pi
    Chairman of the Board at MUXI
    • Brazilian serial entrepreneur, MUXI’s is Pi’s 3thcompany. Before joining the Payment Industry he co-founded Modulo Security (, one of the most successful companies in the Brazilian IT security space..
    • Pi has diverse patents in Payments granted in more than 40 countries, has written a bestselling book and was speaker in Conferences about Payments and Entrepreneurship.
    • He started his studies in Electronic Engineering but after 2 years moved to Computer Science, having also attended an MBA in Business Management.
  • Pavel Esakov
    Authentication Systems Expert, Potential company
  • Dmitriy Panov
    Project Co-founder, Pay2me
  • Aleksander Pisemsky
    Managing Partner PRYTEK, Russia and CIS
    Alexander is a serial technological entrepreneur with extensive experience in the creation and development of B2B business in Russia, the CIS coutries and abroad. He is a co-founder of Group-IB and CSI Group the leading companies in the market of cybersecurity and corporate fraud. As a managing partner of PRYTEK and GFS in Russia and the CIS, Alexander is responsible for strategic development in these markets, localization of portfolio companies and building partnerships.
  • Golubcov Pavel
  • Alexey Kudachkin
    Product Director, IT innovations dpt, Gazprombank
  • Arseniy Nazarkin
    Co-Founder and General Director, KVINT company
  • Irina Sokol
  • Elman Mekhtiev
    SRO NAPCA / President, SRO MiR / Board Chairman
  • Andrey Vilegzhanin
    General Director, Russian and CIS, Profit Insight
  • Nikolai Dosh
    Chief Risk Officer, Mastercard Member's Association
  • Rikardo Rey Patino
    Head of remittances and additional products, MTS
  • Vadim Yudin
    General Director, GUARCCESS
  • Valeriy Rykhlov
    is a global pre-sale manager of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention team.
    • is a global pre-sale manager of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention team. Valeriy has 20 years of experience in the IT and consulting industry with a specialized focus on financial institutions.
    • Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, he worked as Senior Consultant in Microsoft Consulting Services for more than decade focusing on IT infrastructure and online services.
  • Alexander Pesenko
    Head of Department Operations Department, «Alfa-Bank»
    • Alexander Pesenko leads the team for automating and streamlining legal entities. The specifics of the activity are directly related to the introduction of new technologies and innovations in the processes of support of operations of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Technologies such as RPA, OCR, ML, AI, chat bots, voice technologies - have long become a reality, and in some ways even an ordinary development of the business processes of a credit institution./li>
    • Alexander has a successful experience in managing major integration projects in the bank on various methodologies and standards (PMBoK, Agile, Scrum, Kanban). Among the first in Russia, under the direction of Alexander, implementation of tools for interactive sales of banking products and services to bank customers was implemented. Among the innovative projects lead by Alexander, it is worth mentioning the project to introduce the «Call Center» technology «from scratch» in currency control processes, which ensured the creation of a unique telephony service, which has no analogues in Russia./li>
    • Alexander graduated from the banking school (college) of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with a degree in Banking. Then he received a higher education at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation with a degree in Economics. Alexander received his second higher education at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, delving into the specialization of banking, economics and finance./li>
  • Alexey Shumilin
    General Director, UNICA CREDIT, co-founder of projects:,,
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